As an owner-operated business, we consider the opportunity to repair your appliance a privilege.  We know our reputation is on the line with every repair and customer contact.  Our quality workmanship, customer service and dependability will not only meet, but exceed your expectations. We offer expert appliance service with a personal, professional touch.....AND OUR CUSTOMERS AGREE!

    “Martin was great. In one day he acquired the necessary part and completed the replacement of the refrigerator ice maker.  He was more than pleasant to have here.  I will certainly use him again, no make that always use him.  I thought the repair cost was more than reasonable.  Further, I’d recommend him to anyone.” Nancy – FCTucker Realtor/Broker, 10/23/2013

     Called to have my refrigerator repaired.  Martin came out within the hour, and took no time to fix it. He even gave me tips on how to maintain and avoid future problems. I'm so glad I chose Express Appliance Repair - the service was excellent, and the price was affordable. I would definitely use them again!” 5/5 Star rating, avictery 09/26/13,

     Martin arrived at my house ahead of time.   Martin inspected the dryer to locate the problem. He replaced the parts that went bad on my dryer.  He fixed my dryer in no time. Great job, very professional. I will definitely contact this company again.” A+ rating, Tamara S, 08/31/2013, Angie’s List Member

     I've been calling Martin of Express Appliance Repairs for years.  He's helped me out with our fridge many times (different issues and different units), as well as our other appliances.  He is courteous, punctual and he's always resolved the problem.  I highly recommend him.” A+ rating, Nick H, 07/06/2013, Angie’s List Member

     I called Martin a couple days after food started to rot relatively quickly. The refrigerator was cool, but not cold. It eventually died. Martin came the same day to diagnose the problem. The motherboard had died, as well as the fan. Martin was able to get an LG part in 2 days which typically for that part could be a couple weeks. Martin came, put in new parts and left everything perfect. Thank you sir!” A+ rating, Everett P, 05/01/2013, Angie’s List Member

     Checked it and fixed it.  Service was performed same day as contact.  I was very pleased.  I could not find anybody to do this even after searching the internet until I called Angie's List.  I was so thankful.  I would highly recommend both of these.” A+ rating, Wanda A, 04/04/2013, Angie’s List Member

     Owner, Martin is professional, reliable and honest. He calls to confirm the appointment scheduled that day as well as calls to say he is on his way. Service charge of $45.00 is reasonable. Will use him for all my future repairs. Martin was honest with his evaluation and recommendation.” A+ rating, Lynda Z, 03/27/2013, Angie’s List Member

     Called them when my refridge when out. The cost to fix mine was definitely cheaper than getting a new one.” 5/5 Star rating, Bill.Dixon, 03/28/2013,

5/5 Star rating, penny.mayg, 02/26/2013,

     I have several rental properties around Indianapolis and decided to try Express to see if I could get a better price. Express was very flexible and was able to work around my schedule and my tenants' schedules. All three repairs were major. They were completed on schedule and at a lot less than what I would have paid the company that I was using. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be calling Express from now on.” 5/5 Star rating, Dale46204, 02/18/2013,

5/5 Star rating, HeathensRapture, 02/14/2013,

    “I called Express Appliance Repair when the ice dispenser on my refrig stopped working properly. The fellow showed up right when he said he would and had it fixed in no time at all. Charged. Will definitely use again it needed.” 5/5 Star rating, Dawnjohn, 02/14/13,

     Martin from Express Appliance Repair was phenomenal. He was professional and courteous. He was very knowledgeable and fixed the problem quickly. He took the time to explain exactly what happened to our Maytag dryer and show me where the problem occurred. I will definitely be calling them again if I have any issues with any of my appliances.” 5/5 Star rating, noel.kurth.7, 01/07/2013,

     Was very pleased with the repair he did on my dryer. Had to disassemble most of the unit. Replaced the heat coil. He also removed a lot of the dust/lint that had accumulated in the unit. Did a good job of cleaning up the mess. The price for the work done was very reasonable. I can easily recommend him....and would not hesitate using him again.” 5/5 Star rating, rvaught2, 11/16/2012,

     I used Express Appliance Repair on 2 separate occasions I was totally satisfied with both. The quick response time and professionalism was great. One repair job was to fix a 19 year old Kenmore washer whose timer had stopped working. I was so glad to save the machine and keep it working. The second job was to repair a 9 year old GE side-by-side refrigerator with multiple problems that went on for 1.5 years. Most significantly I had a leak on the refrigerator side. I now have full use of working crisper drawers and I am not cleaning up water, etc. On a third occasion I called the owner, Martin, regarding an appliance matter just to get advice. He was very helpful. The price charged for service was appropriate on both occasions. I would definitely call the company in the future.” 5/5 Star rating, IndyCustomer, 11/09/2012,

     My 9 year old side-by-side refrigerator had many problems.  Basically, items in the crisper drawers froze and water leaked into the base of the refrigerator.  At times the water dispenser on the outside door did not dispense water.  Express Appliance Repair determined the water tank was cracked & it caused the leaking.  They replaced the water tank & did other repair work.  Now it is working great.  Long overdue.  I was impressed with the fact that Express Appliance Repair took time after first looking at the refrigerator during another service call to do research to determine the cause of the problem for my make and model.  They put in a new water tank and did other repairs & cleaning.  I would use this company again.” A+ rating, Cynthia B, 10/16/12, Angie’s List Member

     My 19 year old Kenmore washer stopped moving through the cycles.  Express Appliance Repair put in a new timer and now it's working just fine.  Hope to get several more years use. My 19 year old Kenmore washer stopped moving through the cycles.  Express Appliance Repair put in a new timer and now it's working just fine.  Hope to get several more years use.” A+ rating, Cynthia B, 08/24/2012, Angie’s List Member

     My mother called this business this morning as my fridge/freezer had stopped working. Martin arrived VERY quickly, went right to work. He immediately found the problem, & replaced it & had the fridge pushed back & working within no time. I couldn't believe how quick & easy the whole transaction was. Martin was extremely polite & knowledgeable & I know if I ever have another problem I will definitely be calling him again. Pricing was very very reasonable & I would recommend him to anybody :)” 5/5 Star rating, Violent.Lily, 05/25/2012,

     Wow, this morning at 9.30am I called Express Appliance Repair Avon and spoke to Martin. I told him my daughter's fridge/freezer had stopped working and there had been a pool of water on the floor when she got home from work the night before. He said he would go there and I told him I would see him there. I took a few minutes to get organized and when I was backing the car out of my driveway; my daughter called me and told me that he had finished the job!!! I was blown away at how quick Martin was, I was prepared to have to wait which seems to be the norm after calling a trades person. I recommend Martin to anyone who lives within his area and if all the other guys that work for Express Appliance repair are as quick and professional as him, then I recommend them to everyone no matter where you live. On a score of 1 to 10 Martin was definitely a 15!!” 5/5 Star rating, Its.JustEss, 05/25/12,

     The service was in fact the same day, it was cheap, and the guy was very friendly! My entire heating element went out in my dryer and the guy came out the same day-repaired it and it only cost me 115$! He had all the parts on him and showed up on time.” 5/5 Star rating, eclipsium72727272, 05/16/2012,

     I was amazed that in this day and age someone actually gives great service at a reasonable price. The technician explained the issue with my refrigerator before the repair and gave me all of the options. He was courteous and professional, something so hard to find these days. I would definitely call Express App Repair again.” 5/5 Star rating, CARMELDAD, 04/14/2012,






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